27 July 2023

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Our adventure in Mantova’s most prestigious hidden gem: Palazzo Te.

Its world-renowned art and architecture attract academics and novice alike for their innovation, stunning visual impact, and artistic relevance. Palazzo Te’s frescoed rooms and outdoor spaces incredibly become the backdrop to the Manto FW21 collection.

How we ended up here

Mantova, land of tradition, art and unique heritage. Manto and Mantova are one and the same, forever intertwined in a shared space of creation and inspiration. You might have noticed that the location from the latest pics is a novel one. It sure is! We’ve had the unprecedented honour of shooting at the prestigious Fondazione Palazzo Te, historical residence of the Gonzaga family.

The highlight: discover the room of giants.

So many questions about this room! Definitely the highlight of our photoshoot in Fondazione Palazzo Te, the Gonzaga family’s historical residence. This is none other than the world-renowned Room of Giants. Frescoed from floor to ceiling, this room has no corners and ends in a gravity defying, mind-warping dome in which greek God Zeus can be seen striking down the giants, who still inhabited earth, because of their hybris. The perspective places the observer in the middle of the action, as the giants fall beneath the wrath of the gods, and the stunning mosaic floor perpetuates the illusion. Search #saladeigiganti on Instagram to find out more. You can thank us later.

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